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Reflexology is a therapy which recognises that the feet are a mirror of the body, mind and Soul. This ancient, natural therapy uses special finger and thumb pressure techniques to stimulate the reflex points of the foot in order to harmonise and balance the whole body (it may also be done on the hands or ears).

A reflexology session consists of a brief interview about the state of your health, including any current problems or issues. Usually you will relax back in an easy chair or recline on a massage table while you have your feet 'done'. A full reflexology session requires about one hour. The only clothes you have to remove is your shoes and socks.
My interest in reflexology was sparked after receiving regular reflexology sessions as part of my own self-care programme. I see that homeopathy and reflexology are able to work together to enhance the well-being of people. However it is not essential for anyone to undertake both forms of therapy.

I have a particular interest in using reflexology to optimise health through pregnancy and childbirth. I also use Aura-Soma on the feet.

"Our feet are our foundation, our base. They are our connection with the earth. They carry us forward in life. We can only benefit from giving them a little more loving attention."
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