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    About Gwyneth

My own personal journey, life experience, explorations and study of many healing practices have given me a broad base of understanding that I bring to my practice.

I use this understanding and my healing skills to help people to empower themselves to health, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

As the image of the iceberg on my Homeopathy page suggests, there is much below the surface; in life, in health and disease, in you, in me.
Initially trained as a radiographer, I have always had an interest in health. Finding homeopathy when my children were young opened me to a different way of thinking about health and disease. Studying homeopathy in London in the early 1980s set me on a path of self-discovery, enhancing the idea of taking responsibility for one’s own health and life. Early in that training, I realised that I could no longer be a radiographer, as there would be too many conflicts between what I now understood and my previous medical model of health and disease.

Since 1987, when I began my homeopathy practice In Tawa, Wellington, I have continued study with many international teachers, in NZ and overseas. I enjoy teaching homeopathy at all levels. I founded and was Principal of Wellington College of Homeopathy for 22 years. My work as a Clinical Tutor for the College and Registration Assessor for NZ Council of Homeopaths has also enhanced my understanding of the healing process and its potential depth.

Other study includes gaining a Reflexology Certificate in 1997 and undertaking training in Aura-Soma, Mirimiri (Maori massage), Shamanic healing and more recently becoming a Reconnective Healing Practitioner.

My personal spiritual path underpins my life and practice.

We can work together to explore the depths to empower you to a more healthy life, and to reach your potential.
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